I Ain’t Lying, I Love Me Some Lion!

Lion Meat © 2015 . All rights reserved.

Understanding the meat is just the beginning. It is not everyday that you get to feed llamas, alpacas, run from Oscar the ostrich, or drink milk straight from the goat’s teat.  Though it is these activities that allow you to wrap your mind … Continue reading

Burger of The Month: Chicago Italian Beef Burger [Video]

Chicago Italian Beef Burger © 2014 . All rights reserved.

The Slow Process of Crawling before Walking! I never knew how hard it was to speak on camera, especially without someone holding my hand through the process.  I have been writing my blog for just about a year and a half, … Continue reading

California Is Not In A Drought!

The Oroville Dam © 2014 . All rights reserved.

We need a strong farm bill that gives assistance to farmers during times of drought, creates markets for local goods, protects our environment, and helps struggling families bridge the gap between hard times and a full dinner table. – Keith … Continue reading